Foto © Christian Gahl
Foto © Christian Gahl
Foto © Christian Gahl
Zeichnung © LIN Architects Urbanists
Foto © Christian Gahl
© Christian Gahl
Foto © Christian Gahl
Foto © Christian Gahl


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Potsdamer Straße 50, 10785 Berlin

The intention of SY NCHRON is to create an integral sculpture of light, sound and architecture. The central object, focus and display is an accessible crystal-shaped body. Syn chron is part of a program of performances organized by the association freunde guter music at the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin. A translucent skin serves as the interface for the synchronized display of light and sound, both on the interior and exterior of the crystal. The interior space at the same time serves as an acoustic resonance body and projection surface.

Sound is created and transmitted by exciters fixed onto the exterior surface of the crystal. Light is projected onto the polygonal surfaces via four laser beams.

The crystal-shaped body has a maximum extension of 10 m x 6 m with a maximal height of 4.5 m. The primary structural element is a steel tube structure following the outline of the crystal (aluminum honeycomb core and epoxy resin skin). The joint between the primary construction and the panels is formed by a milled POM-profile, onto which closable low profile fasteners fix the panels. The weight of the primary structure is 3.2 tons, whereas the panels have an overall weight of 860 kg. Material, panel sizes and joint techniques were designed for rapid assembly and easy transport.

After its stay in Berlin, SYN CHRON travelled to the SIA Congress and Bern Biennale in Bern (CH) and the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, Yamaguchi (JP).

The intention of SYN CHRON is the creation of an integral sculpture bringing together light, sound and architecture. The interior space is both a resonance body and a projection surface. The sound is created and transmitted by many excitators hanged on the exterior skin of the crystal. The light is projected on the polygonal surfaces by four lasers.

200,000 €

200 m²

Art concept and composition: Carsten Nicolai, Berlin. Architecture: Giulia Andi, Finn Geipel, LIN Artistic and Architectural Assistance: David Lettelier. Structure: Werner Sobek, WSI, Stuttgart, NY Curators: Ingrid Buschmann and Gabriele Knapstein. Technical production: Rob FEIGEL Production space sculpture: Idea, Berlin. Laser source: JENOPTIK, Jena Laser technology and programming: Sollinger, Berlin Audio technology: ELAC, Berlin Sound programming: NIBO, Tokyo. Commissioned by: FREUNDEGUTEMUSIK, Berlin in collaboration with NEUE NATIONALGALERIE and MAERZMUSIK ; Made possible by grants from Ernst Schering Foundation and the HAUPTSTADTKULTURFONDS

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