Mad About Dugnad – Work Together, Build Better

The Norwegian tradition of ‘dugnad’ encourages everyone to contribute in order to achieve a common goal. It is based on a process of social relations, reciprocity and community solidarity and thus on the belief that together you are stronger than alone. The architecture firm Mad refers to ‘dugnad’ as a key to creating solutions for a sustainable future in an increasingly complex and challenging world. For Mad, architecture is also about re-evaluating, nurturing or preserving social and cultural resources that shape our built environment. These aspects can be observed exemplarily in the four projects that have been compiled for the exhibition at Aedes – among them, the timber high-rise WoHoin Berlin-Kreuzberg, which is currently under planning and is considered a social pilot project in urban development.


Collage © Mad arkitekter
22 January to 10 March 2022
Aedes Architekturforum
Christinenstraße 18–19
10119 Berlin
Aedes Architecture Forum