Photo © Olek Totskiy
Photo © Olek Totskiy
Photo © Olek Totskiy
Photo © Olek Totskiy
Photo © Olek Totskiy
Photo © Olek Totskiy
Photo © Olek Totskiy
Photo © Olek Totskiy

Conversion of Olympic Stadium Kiev

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Kiew, Ukraine
Нацiональний Спортивний Комплекс
Dynamo Kiew
gmp · Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner
Helmut Angerer, Jan Nielsen, Eva Lechermann, Martin Möller

A clear total impression is significant for the exterior effect of the stadium. The shell-shaped grandstands form the core element. Therefore the view from below is given full-coverage lighting. The lighting also guarantees the transparency from the outside to the inside and the readability of the printed facade. A plastic ridge effect is formed as well. In the stadium itself, the lighting of the view of the shells from below lends a floating character.

The membrane roof, as a space-forming element, also receives full-coverage illumination. The lighting elements are integrated into the design for the floodlight system. Due to the size of the surface to be illuminated and the position in relation to the roof, two light bands are necessary. Fluorescent lamps must be used as the light source, as point-shaped light sources would mirror the cable lattices in a bizarre play of shadows and completely mar the roof landscape.

The roof openings on the outer edge of the roof are integrated as a significant element using accent lighting. While the grandstands are illuminated with a warm light colour, the lighting of the roof membrane is held in neutral white.

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