Airport “Willy Brandt” Berlin Brandenburg International

We are an independent engineering office for lighting design with national as well as international projects. The essence of our approach is the linking of visual perception phenomena, psychological reactions of humans to the effects of light, architectural and design aspects, as well as technical guidelines in the design process. Our goal is to create the conditions for human well-being while fulfilling standardised quality criteria. Our design goal is not the amount of light produced but the spatial effect. The reflected light modulated by the material contains the information for our image of the environment. Ultimately, lighting design leads to the planning of perceptual conditions. It is necessary to take up the meanings of a room according to its function, use and design and to bring them into a hierarchy. The lighting design then only has to take up this hierarchy of meanings and support it or at least not work against it. This is where luminance comes into play. Areas with high brightness are inevitably placed at the top of the hierarchy of meaning. Perceptual planning is thus guided by a brilliance hierarchy that is subject to functional and design moments.

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