EUK Consulting Offices


We are specialists in human-centred design and adaptive reuse of our built environment. A multilingual and multilocal diverse team, providing sustainable building solutions for everyone - companies, institutions, individuals and architect colleagues.
We create spaces with impact - that support, attract, energize and inspire people - environmentally responsible and without compromising on aesthetics. Green architecture can and should be a thing of beauty.
For us, building culture comes with social responsibility. It impacts people’s everyday lives and therefore it is important to be of high quality – sustainable, inclusive and beautiful.
Culture also develops through language – we see space as a tool of communication, developing environments that are finely tuned to our clients' identity, interacting with its users – visually and emotionally.
As advocates for human-centred design, we developed our projects
from the users’ point of view: from the inside out, but with the planet in mind.
We are constantly aiming for the most sustainable solutions possible, not only in the terms of reusing and recycling existing buildings, materials, fittings and furniture but also in terms of making conscious choices along the way from design to execution.
Our methods include eco-design insight and suggestions of materials which are local, durable, recycled, re-purposed, energy-efficient and low emission, as well as working with eco-construction businesses and energy consultants.

Competences: Interior Design | Corporate Architecture | Renovation | Furniture + Consumer Products | Living + Working Concepts | Branding + Graphic Design


  • インテリアデザイナー
  • Brussels, ベルギー