Forum Mittelrhein

Photo © Jens Kirchner
Photo © Jens Kirchner
Photo © Jens Kirchner
Photo © Jens Kirchner
Photo © Jens Kirchner
Photo © Jens Kirchner
Photo © Jens Kirchner
Photo © Jens Kirchner
Photo © Jens Kirchner
Photo © Jens Kirchner
Drawing © CROSS Architecture / Benthem Crouwel GmbH
CROSS Architecture
Zentralplatz 2, 56068 Koblenz
ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co.KG
CROSS Architecture / Benthem Crouwel GmbH
Project team
M. Sporer, C. Wens, M. Blom, S. Rullkötter, M. Crouwel, N. ter Heege, F. Deltrap, M. Wassenaar, S. Vijgen
Building services
Technic Air GmbH
Structural engineering
Ingenieurbüro Domke Nachf.
Building physics
Kempen & Krause Ingenieure GmbH
Fire protection
HHP West Beratende Ingenieure GmbH
Landscape architect
Kubus Freiraumplanung GbR
Energy standard
DGNB Platinum
Gross floor area
67,700 m²
2008, 1st prize

Urban combination of culture and commerce
At the Zentralplatz in the heart of Koblenz, the new “Forum Mittelrhein” shopping centre and the cultural building “Forum Confluentes” present themselves as a unique urban ensemble with an unconventional combination of culture and commerce. The precise positioning of the two buildings in the urban fabric leads to the creation of a new inner-city square with high spatial quality. The soft shapes of the external volume naturally direct the pedestrian flows across the highly frequented square, thus generating a new network of paths in the city.

Flowing spaces and clear orientation
As a consistent continuation of the urban planning concept, the design of the rows of shops inside the shopping mall is characterised by flowing spaces and contours. Five voids bring maximum daylight into the entire shopping mall, while simultaneously structuring the interior. The spatial generosity and intensive colouring ensures easy orientation and a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere.

Innovative façade element
Inspired by the vineyards along the Middle Rhine and Mosel, the artificial vine leaves façade of the parking levels made of three-dimensionally shaped, green aluminium panels represents a technical innovation. The regional reference in the design concept strongly locates the building at the “Deutsches Eck” and additionally makes the Forum Mittelrhein an unmistakable landmark with a high recognition value.

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