Photo © H.G.Esch Photography
Photo © H.G.Esch Photography
Photo © H.G.Esch Photography

New Hans-Sachs-Haus

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Ebertstraße 11, 45875 Gelsenkirchen
Stadt Gelsenkirchen
gmp · Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner
Eva Lechermann-Wollscheid, Helmut Angerer, Martin Möller, Jan Nielsen, Annette Roller

The New Hans-Sachs-Haus with its monumental brick façade required a differentiated light concept as a new council house with a public civic forum. The focus is exclusively on the representative areas.
The illumination in the special areas is strongly influenced by suspended light rails with direct and indirect lighting. As a striking design element on all floors these run through the atrium shortly before the generously glazed west façade. The beam angles of the light rails are defined so that only the ceiling strips and the floor are illuminated. The width of the illuminated ceiling undersides of the galleries is also continued in the corridor areas and thus reinforces this spatial axis.
The extensive public civic forum, as well as the Council Chamber, is illuminated by media rails, a combination of downlights and linear luminaires with slats. The aim was to provide a differentiated lighting yet coherent with the ceiling image. The media rails fit naturally into the ceiling panels between the beams. Atmospheric light is ensured by the brightening of the side sliding doors and wooden walls.
A series of downlights and opal light bands was realized in the representative staircases of the Hans-Sachs-Haus, as well as in the corridors that are open towards the atrium. The arrangement is made as a dot-dash-dot, which follows the alignment of the axis of the light rails and thus creates a perspective reference to the architecture.
In the outdoor area, attention was also paid to differentiated lighting, in which the luminaires, with a few exceptions, withdraw. While the luminaires on the west façade inconspicuously fit into the sunblinds, the original façade of the Hans-Sachs-Haus was reconstructed on the main façade. The design of the luminous ceiling and the candelabrum was recreated down to the smallest detail on the basis of historical images.

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