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Ahoi Heimatmole-Neighbourhood in a building community (completion 2023)

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Planungsgemeinschaft Heimatmole GbR c/o Kiezkompanie Hamburg Part GmbH

"We don't build for ourselves. We build for people, with people and for the city."

Developers who want to combine living and freelance work in one building come together in the densely populated HafenCity. The heart of the building is located in the entrance area: the Heimatclub is the address and place for communal activities. There is greenery in the form of a garden on the roof, with the staircase as a stage with green balconies in a prime location in between. Neutral floor plans allow for a wide variety of living arrangements, which are complemented by temporarily usable, community-managed switch rooms between every two apartments.

The opportunity in the development of this building is to finally abandon the functional separation of modernity and to be able to experience living, working and leisure in one place and in one building again.

The central location of Baakenhafen, the density and the desired leisure quality are complemented by the control rooms with home offices, the home club and the communal roof garden. In this sense, we have assigned the greenery directly to the open areas of the apartments as added value and thus achieved a quality of use: the atmosphere of a green room, a garden on the floor, as sun protection, as wind protection, as a kitchen garden and as a clear design feature of the building that has a community-building effect.

In this way, the greenery is a direct added value for the residents of the HafenMole building owners' community, for living and as a point of identification: for the residents' self-image and pride in their work and house. The connection between the address, the home club, the staircase stage and the roof garden are part of the commons, while the apartments are part of the private sphere.

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