Foto © hiepler, brunier,
Foto © hiepler, brunier,
Foto © Ulrich Schwarz
Foto © Ulrich Schwarz
Foto © hiepler, brunier,

Villengarten Relenberg

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Landscape Architects
Levin Monsigny Landschaftsarchitekten

The new neighborhood at the foot of Stuttgart’s Relenberg is defined and characterized by the broad expanse of green space in which its buildings are situated. Clear design principles such as modular proportions, earth-tone stucco facades and tall windows create an enclave of high architectural quality and diverse in-between spaces. A former scientific institute, preserved as a cultural landmark, stands at the entrance to a small plaza that leads to the semi-public gardens within. In a continuation of local architectural tradition, this new residential development is made up of freestanding townhouses; together they form a “garden of villas.” Structured volumes, facing the street but slightly set back, draw on a classic architectural model. Individual variations in serial elements such as windows, loggias and staggered volumes produce great freedom in structural design while maintaining a consistent overall appearance.
The seven villas, along with the former institute, form an architectural ensemble that extends the idea of the campus, integrating the nearby faculty apartments as well. The positioning of the volumes in relation to one another allows for windows on all sides, providing a range of views into the shared garden.

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