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Increasing overstimulation, arbitrariness and overloading are the expression of transience and bustle of our time. Our design deals with the basic attitude Simple: minimalism requires special care in planning and detail. Structural clarity, major limitation to, modulation of light, Materialfügung, asceticism. Minimalism leaves room for surprising combinations and creates the possibility of more new individual objects to stage. Less is more. We take for us, "holistic thinking" claim, we develop for our client and customers from conceptual engineering through to interior design, furniture design, plan innovative lighting concepts, design and outdoor spaces. Reduction to the essential, clear, minimalist architectural language. Special services, which are outside our expertise lies, we provide with our partners and specialized engineers. Project partnerships with leading structural consultants and consulting firms for technical issues are mandatory for major projects.

We work with agencies and marketing companies and take over at the request of the customer / client the appearance of the product and / or the company to the outside or participate in it. We understand good architecture as a cultural contribution and as an important tool for representing a company to the outside world and thus as an advertising medium. We develop ourselves, starting with one from the "classical modern" architecture derived, even dealing with phenomenological issues, challenges from the social context and of building with "low budget". It is the demand for high craftsmanship and aesthetic qualities are used.

Competences: Administration Buildings and Offices | Residential buildings | Culture, leisure and sports buildings

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