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Studio De Schutter is an independent lighting consultancy based in Berlin and Antwerp. They consult architects and investors to achieve well-designed lighting schemes for spaces in which people love to be. The studio's creative and tailor-made lighting solutions enhance the visual experience of space and their tech-savvy lighting know-how turns these into reality.

For Sabine De Schutter and her team, design is about creating meaningful spaces that positively affect people's lives. In their work, they merge functionality with beauty and design atmosphere that sculpts the perception of a space.

People and their needs are at the centre of their human-centric and future-oriented approach. They do not allow themselves to be constrained by conventional lighting norms. Rather, they seek to understand individual requirements and work with their clients to transform spaces and develop bespoke lighting solutions that build a sense of community in a workspace, add a touch of identity and beauty to a hotel, or bring out the character of a listed building.

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