The window fronts disappear magically into the ground on three sides.
Photo © Rene Dürr
When lowered into the ground, no posts remain of the entire glass front and the floor surface is completely flush.
Photo © Rene Dürr
The kinetic architecture component is fitted against exclusive wooden wall panels.
Photo © Rene Dürr
The living room and kitchen opens completely to the outside terrace and swimming pool.
Photo © Rene Dürr
The house has a solid concrete structure towards the hillside and features a light metal structure towards the front.
Photo © Rene Dürr
Front view with closed glass front.
Photo © Rene Dürr
Front view with opened facade.
Photo © Rene Dürr
Angle view with closed facade.
Photo © Rene Dürr
Angle view with closed facade
Photo © Rene Dürr

House on Lake Zurich

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Zürich, Switzerland
Marcel Meili, Lukas Eschmann, Stefan Hirt
Meili & Peter Architekten AG

Exquisite Elegance on Lake Zurich

Architects Marcel Meili and Markus Peter are masters of their craft. They have created numerous iconic buildings that contribute to the distinct character of many cities. This includes the modern platform roofs of Zurich’s main railway station or the Hofstatt in Munich.

It is therefore a very rare privilege to collaborate with Meili Peter, because only a handful of architects succeed in combining style, taste, elegance and excellence in a building to such perfection. This unique villa high above Lake Zurich, which uses HIRT moving architecture® as a central design element, is no exception.

The building can be classified as a modernist structure. The experimental construction interweaves the findings of Case Study No 8 by Charles and Ray Eames with modern expressions while also accounting for the local landscape and climatic conditions. The client wanted a linear building with large glass elements that offer a panoramic view of the spectacular landscape.

HIRT kinetics® adds a dynamic element to the building envelope. The spectacular window front descends silently into the ground at the touch of a button to open the way to the outdoor pool, all the while instilling a sense of freedom, well-being and the infinity of existence. When the glass barrier is removed, you not only see the lake, but you can feel it on your skin and in your nose – in short, you can enjoy it with all your senses.

The manner in which the walls supported by the steel structure are highlighted with different types of wood creates a stunning visual effect. The architect masterfully orchestrated amber, Caucasian root wood, Japanese ash and French cherry on the living floor. The different woods match the glittering water of the adjacent pool and the changing moods of Lake Zurich and unfold an even more stunning effect when the interior merges with the outdoor space.

Stefan Hirt himself was visibly impressed when he saw his HIRT kinetics® in action at the completed Meili Peter villa: “The combination of the finest materials and the bold manner in which the space is designed to open on three sides make this project standing out. I’m proud that we were able to play a part in making this unique vision come true.”

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