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Many years of experience has allowed GTL Landschaftsarchitekten to become specialised in the high-quality realisation of complex large-scale planning projects. Several award-winning competition entries and international projects have set the standards in this respect. Our planning services span the entire spectrum of open-space planning. They range from urban building planning to the impressive grounds of administrative buildings as well as improving the residential environment of large suburban areas and designing urban projects such as pedestrian zones and city squares. Developing outdoor furniture for public spaces ensures the quality of our planning to the last detail. Most of our contracts are the result of successful performance in competitions. Our focus in this respect is functional and spatially complex building planning. Such planning is undertaken in cooperation with architects and other specialised building planners and in close collaboration with our clients. Our experience in supervising and organising large-scale contracts provides our clients with a high degree of transparency and cost certainty. In addition to building planning, we are also regularly involved in urban development projects. On behalf of municipal clients, we have conducted planning for urban development, public spaces and various science and research centres. In cooperation with manufacturers, we develop products for outdoor spaces from the design to the production phase. Such attention to detail has excellent results, such as the large-sized exterior floor with lawn gaps, which received commendation by the INNO 2009 concrete tile award. This product is used in creating flooring areas that are high-grade from both an architectural and ecological standpoint. For Erfurt's Anger square, we designed a sheltered bus stop, which makes up a significant part of the design of the overall project. It was given honourable mention in the 2002 Renault Traffic Design Award.

Competences: Landscape Architecture | Landscape Urbanism | Public Spaces | Temporary Outdoor Installations | Gardens

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