Stylish – and matching the historical ambience of the manor of Hotel Gut Immenhof. The bar of the manor was – just like many other areas as well – designed by GEPLAN DESIGN. The Stuttgart-based interior designers “hit the mark” of the owner’s visions with their designs.
Photo © Kathrin Geipel
The manor offers its guests a smokers’ lounge directly adjoining the bar, which was also designed by GEPLAN DESIGN.
Photo © Kathrin Geipel
View of the manor of Hotel Gut Immenhof. GEPLAN DESIGN redesigned the rooms therein, the restaurant as well as the bar and the wine cellar. With much sensitivity, the interior designers integrated their modern designs into the historical ambience.
Photo © Hotel Gut Immenhof, Holger Martens
True to the original style with warm materials and colors: view into one of the GEPLAN DESIGN-designed suites in Voigthaus with a generous living room.
Photo © Kathrin Geipel
Rustic and elegant. With their design, GEPLAN DESIGN manages the balancing act. View into the suite in the attic of the manor.
Photo © Kathrin Geipel
A comfortable, generous bathroom was designed by GEPLAN DESIGN for one of the suites on the upper floor of the manor.
Photo © Kathrin Geipel
In the suites designed by GEPLAN DESIGN, guests of the newly reopened Hotel Gut Immenhof can feel like in paradise. View into one of the suites on the upper floor of the manor.
Photo © Kathrin Geipel
Warm shades of green are frequently to be found in the rooms designed by GEPLAN DESIGN. They perfectly match the rural ambience. Here, the view into a suite on the upper floor of the manor.
Photo © Kathrin Geipel
In the former stables – the Melkhus – where restaurant and bar are located, GEPLAN DESIGN played with authentic elements like horse stable partitions and troughs. Today, wine is kept cool in the troughs. On the left in the picture, one can see a welcome table that always shows an arrangement of fresh flowers.
Photo © Kathrin Geipel
In a fantastic location in Holstein Switzerland with access to the lake – a trip to the north of Germany has become even more attractive with Hotel Gut Immenhof. With their designs, GEPLAN DESIGN have managed to move state-of-the-art designs into the historical walls.
Photo © Hotel Gut Immenhof

Hotel Gut Immenhof

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Rothensande 1, 23714 Malente
Carl Deilmann

Hotel Gut Immenhof, a name with a special ring to it. Millions of people already felt the longing for the ideal world when watching “Ferien auf dem Immenhof”. For exactly this reason, the movie filled cinemas in the 1950s. On October 1, 2021, after an intensive restructuring and renovation, the place of longing reopened. An important part in the redesign of the Hotel Gut Immenhof was taken on by GEPLAN DESIGN: Their ideas for transforming the interieur of the historical estate from the 14th century into the world of the 21st century with a lot of sensitivity were immediately well received by the owner. “Already our first design hit the mark,” says Cord Glantz, who manages GEPLAN DESIGN together with his twin brother, Rolf Glantz, and a staff of 25. For the passionate interior designers as well as for the owner – Carl-Joachim Deilmann, shareholder of C. Deilmann GmbH & Co. KG – the project was an “affair of the heart!”

The owner laid the design of the suites in the manor and the outbuildings, the event hall, the wellness area in the former lunging hall as well as various gastronomy areas into the hands of GEPLAN DESIGN. Transporting the “ideal world” feeling into the present, is described by Cord Glantz as an essential conceptual approach of the project.
Over a period of eight years, Hotel Gut Immenhof was restructured into a hotel facility with 50 rooms and suites, as well as six holiday homes and a riding hall. Family holidays, riding and active vacations, conferences and celebrations are supposed to be just as possible as a relaxing time out. At Hotel Gut Immenhof, in its idyllic standalone location on the banks of the Kellersee, travelers with the most diverse requirements are to feel comfortable. “This historical facility really is a very special hotel,” is also the assessment of hotel manager, Thilo Mühl, who has a lot of experience in the upscale hotel business.

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