Photo © MRP/Studio, Michael Renner
Photo © MRP/Studio, Michael Renner
Photo © MRP/Studio, Michael Renner
Photo © MRP/Studio, Michael Renner
Photo © MRP/Studio, Michael Renner

GiLO – Coffee • Frozen Yogurt • Bar

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Marktstraße 17/2, 73033 Göppingen

Opposite the town hall, in a prime location directly on Göppingen's market square, a property stood empty for a long time. A local restaurateur planned to enlarge his offer and opened his new trendy pub there after a short planning and construction period.

The former clothing store was to become a bar: bright, open, friendly and modern. With the existing premises over two levels, this concept was difficult to realise, especially as the height of the rooms considerably limited the design possibilities. The new operator wanted the central space to be as open as possible.

Our office dared to tackle the difficult implementation: The subceiling was largely removed to create a single high space for the counter, display and bar table. Design elements such as murals, stylishly stocked shelves, wall lettering and hanging ceiling lighting further emphasise the openness and room height.

A reserved use of spot colour as well as white and anthracite tones for walls and floor surfaces create a modern ambience. The remains of the second level at the back area remain hidden. The remaining space is used for the kitchen, storage and administration.

Plan author: Gaus & Knödler Architekten PartGmbB (since 01.09.2019: Gaus Architekten)

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