Constructional corporate design for the German diplomatic representation

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Auslandsvertretungen der BRD

The German consulates and embassies are all over the world are to get a uniform structural design. The new design is meant to represent the Federal Republic in the host country in a suitable manner.
With its design concept, DIA – Dittel Architekten won the contract in an interdisciplinary competition over numerous competitors. The task set by the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning was to realize the identity of the Federal Republic of Germany in an authentic spatial concept.

"Clarity, simplicity and elegance" - these were the aspects of our winning concept that convinced the competition jury. Three overriding terms, which are reflected in our interior design, material selection and room furnishings. And this is what the new design is meant to do: to convey the inner values of the Federal Republic on a visual level. As brand specialists, our architects develop a design that is tailored to a brand. The basic ideas that make up the brand 'Germany' were developed into a brand message that provides the design framework for space conception, form and use of materials in the design phase.

The identity of the Federal Republic is to be conveyed appropriately, irrespective of place, climate zone and culture. The concept's organization of open spaces is derived from the idea of "community". In a place that stands for collaboration and intercultural exchange, transparent materials create visual references and support communication.

The floor plan of the consulates and embassies follows strict security requirements. In general, these buildings are split into a publicly accessible visitor area and a secure area for the consulate or embassy staff. Our winning concept arranged the open and closed areas alternately. This reinterpretation of the floor plan is meant to preserve the idea of transparency and to break-up the corridor of offices. This results in a "contrast between lightness and intense solidity", the competition jury announced.

The architects are currently working on a manual for future consulates and embassies and are looking at possible locations for the first construction projects.

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