Mozilla German Headquarter

Since 1999, the de Winder Architects team has developed concepts for high quality interior design in an old industrial building on the banks of the Spree River in Berlin's Kreuzberg district.

Founded by architects Klaus and Claudia de Winder, the 29-person firm provides complete architectural and interior design services. Their expertise ranges from expansion of older buildings, large new media work environments in registered historical buildings or new construction, law offices and special uses.

Through intensive dialog with the client, a process evolves that results in custom solutions for every project. As a consultant, de Winder Architects develops efficient marketing ideas for properties of diverse character, as well as concepts for specialized real estate and urban design strategies.

Ideas for furniture that blends into the spatial concept are always incorporated into the designs. Highlighting through selective use of color, a harmonious interplay of artificial and natural lighting and sophisticated variations for integrated building services and acoustics are a hallmark of this firm.

Competences: Architecture I Interior Design | Working Landscapes I Consulting | Project Development

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