Photo © Jens Kirchner
Photo © Jens Kirchner
Photo © Jens Kirchner
Photo © Jens Kirchner
Photo © Jens Kirchner
Photo © Jens Kirchner
Photo © Jens Kirchner
Photo © Jens Kirchner
Photo © Jens Kirchner
Photo © Jens Kirchner
Drawing © CROSS Architecture / Benthem Crouwel

Cultural Building - Forum Confluentes

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Zentralplatz 2, 56068 Koblenz
ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co.KG
CROSS Architecture / Benthem Crouwel GmbH
Project team
M. Sporer, S. Rullkötter, M. Crouwel, M. Blom, T. Kortmann, B. Krienen, J. Görling, C. Wens
Building services
Technic Air GmbH
Structural engineering
Ingenieurbüro Domke Nac
Building physics
Kempen & Krause Ingenieure GmbH
Fire protection
HHP West Beratende Ingenieure GmbH
Landscape architect
Kubus Freiraumplanung GbR
Gross floor area
18,600 m²
2008, 1st prize

The Kulturbau Koblenz ‘Forum Confluentes’ and the shopping mall ´Forum Mittelrhein´ together form the design for the redevelopment of the central square of Koblenz. This square, the Zentralplatz (Central Square), not only connects the various districts of Koblenz with each other but also has an important function as a public transport interchange and place where various pedestrian flows come together. The Kulturbau houses the Mittelrhein-Museum, the public library/ media center and the Tourist Office of Koblenz. A huge public accessible roof terrace becomes a new public space and allows 360° views over the Unesco Heritage site of the ´oberes Mittelrheintal´. The combination of these different cultural institutions offers the chance to exploit the synergies between the various institutions. The cultural building stands solitary in the new central square and is a landmark due to this solitary character, its facade design and the conscious elevation in the city. The building has splendid accessibility for visitors; the central lobby has entrances from all sides and is therefore a natural part of the urban fabric. The volume has a double facade with a Structural-Glazing construction of white silk-screened glass, which envelops the building like a second skin and offers a frosted and refined appearance. The motif of the print provides a filtered view from inside to outside, and allows a vaguely transparent view when looking from the outside in. At the different entrances, the outer facade has a spacious cut and therefore offers a direct view of the lobby and entrance areas.

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