Photo © Manfred Seidl
Photo © Manfred Seidl
Photo © Manfred Seidl
Photo © Manfred Seidl
Photo © Manfred Seidl
Photo © Manfred Seidl
Photo © Manfred Seidl

Villa F

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Wien, Áustria

A successful IT entrepreneur commissioned the studio to design the interior of his villa in Vienna that dates back to the early 1980s. Since the client often works from home and receives his clients there, the architect drew on his desire for representation and proposed a vision that feature his preferences for cutting edge technologies through high-end design. The proposal was an interior design that is largely informed by the client’s fondness for luxurious cars.

The spatial concept was to break up walls and allow built-in furniture to float through the open space and connect his working area with a luxurious lounge complete with a bar and a stone clad kitchen. Many technical devices, such as screens and touchpads are integrated into the furniture and reveal themselves at the simple click of a button. Floor, wall and ceiling are unified with the same corian material, an opulent composite of marble powder and fiberglass. A massive aquarium is accentuated by delicately generated computer graphics and LED lighting and sound systems are controlled from the computer, seamlessly merging the digital world with the physical interior environment.

Design Team: Rames Najjar, Conrad Kroenke, Alireza Shahabi Sirjani & Bradner Sebastian
Structural Engineer: Dipl. Ing. Karl Hains Hollinsky
Technical Engineering: TAS Kainberger

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