Working Title: BRICK

Twenty-five years ago, kister scheithauer gross completed its first brick building, the Institute for Biology in Halle. The replicated used brick of the façade is situated in the city centre in a self-evident way, and stands there today, still untouched by time. This is the starting point for the exhibition, which presents earlier brick buildings by the firm anew, along with current projects and buildings.

Building in brick implies an ability to adapt to a location and its atmosphere as well as social structures. The regional identity and character of cities are often associated with a specific type of brick. At a time of digital production, brick factories today are almost anachronistic places, where elementary work processes with lots of manual work take place and the brick is given its specific sand-coloured, reddish-orange, or sometimes greenish shade through the firing of the minerals in the clay soil. Each stone is thus a unique specimen and as a haptically rich product also helps the architectural project tell its own story. On the basis of filigree paper models set on brick bases, the exhibition presents eight projects by kister scheithauer gross, which has been designing and working with the sustainable and sensual material for a quarter of a century.

Hochschule, Bremerhaven; Foto: Yohan Zerdoun
18 September to 11 November 2021
ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory
Christinenstr. 18-19
10119 Berlin
Aedes Architecture Forum
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