Ahoi Heimatmole-Neighbourhood in a building community (completion 2023)

ADDED VALUE – We – Michael Ziller and team – are continuously searching in our projects for the added value – the ‘plus’ that exceeds the pure fulfilment of purpose: that extra something that creates a space with character out of a building or an urban building situation. For clients and users, zillerplus thus connects the themes ARCHITECTURE, SPATIAL ART and ART OF LIVING. zillerplus and ARCHITECTURE – We interpret the architecture with one idea more than expected. We listen to you and then create YOUR solution! zillerplus and SPATIAL ART – We do not design space that you unlock and open, but space that makes itself accessible! zillerplus and ART OF LIVING – We create an environment that reaches beyond the four walls. This is where people want to live, not just reside or work!

Competences: New Buildings and Transformation | Urban renewal and Densification | Urban planning and Masterplans | Conceptional planning and competitions | Energy Efficiency

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