On Grid


The grid is there before anything else is seen on the paper. It is on the white surface of the sheet before a line is drawn. The edge of the paper, sharply trimmed at right angles, delineates the white zone, highlighting it and setting the framework for an invisible system of coordinates.

The exhibition “on grid” reflects on the ubiquity of networks and grids. We encounter grids and networks in material and immaterial form, visible and invisible. Here, cut out and glued on, they project from the supporting surface. Solid forms become liquid; the wet glue subjects them to a continuous process of transformation. The structure of the grids suddenly seems fragile and susceptible to interference. An unexpectedly dynamic rhythm develops from the deviations from norm and rule.

Hansjörg Schneider continually builds upon new ways of cutting and tearing paper with ever more expressive possibilities. He draws on visual opposites: hard/soft, rigid/flexible, coarse/fine, controlled/uncontrolled. This creates a set of instruments that leads the material to the limits of its capacity, thus revealing its potential. This open yet explorative use of paper updates the medium of paper cutting, drawing it out from its introspective niche.

On Grid III, 2021, Papierschnitt, Collage, Tusche, Pigment, 137 x 137 cm / © Hansjörg Schneider, 2021