The Cow Shed

I am a British architect and photographer based near Munich.

Though I no longer practice architecture, my passion for it firmly lives on. A prominent theme in my studies was the dialogue between the measurable characteristics and immeasurable qualities of architecture. In particular, how one's senses awaken and interact with the built physical form that envelopes them. It still fascinates me today, prompting me to capture, through photography, the emotional response in architecture. Every architectural project encompasses unique poetic and pragmatic aspects. To illustrate this, I gain an understanding of the design and interpret it into a visual narrative by producing a sequenced set of photographs. Subsequently, the viewer can better identify with the spaces and forms as the designer intended. I seek out carefully considered compositions and use natural light and shadow to convey depth and evoke emotion in my work.

The beautiful Bavarian countryside is now home, where I live with my wife and two daughters.

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Aichach / München