© Kuehn Malvezzi, visualisation Davide Abbonacci
© Kuehn Malvezzi, visualisation Davide Abbonacci
© Kuehn Malvezzi
© Kuehn Malvezzi, visualisation Davide Abbonacci

Tannenhof Housing

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Drawing from the natural topography of the site, three different urban addresses are developed, each with its own identity: the valley, hillside and plateau. Together, the three developments create a lively district that offers a diverse range of housing while also allowing for a precise integration with the surroundings.
An office building situated on the northeastern tip of the new district creates the welcoming prelude, shielding the buildings in the valley. In the valley area along the Dettenbach river, new neighbourhoods for young families are planned, orientated around three communal courtyards.
The concentration of the building volume on seven crystalline structures creates space for an extensive flowing parkland which offers a gentle transition between the city and the forest landscape. The careful alignment of the multi-faceted 5-story buildings allows for wide views from all the apartments and creates a variety of in-between spaces.
Towards the west, the existing topography is shaped into a plateau. Taking up the heritage-listed hotel as a fixed point and integrating it at the same time, two rows of city villas offset eachother, forming a new ensemble.

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