Foto © Ulrich Schwarz
Foto © Ulrich Schwarz
Foto © Ulrich Schwarz
Foto © Ulrich Schwarz

Friedrich Christian Flick Collection

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Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz

The Rieckhallen, a former two-story warehouse, was refurbished to form part of the Hamburger Bahnhof, a contemporary art museum in Berlin. The museum extension now provides around 10000 m2 of exhibition space for the Friedrich Christian Flick Collection.
The extension is linked to the main building by a bridge, where two large windows offer views that position the visitors within the surrounding landscape. The entire technical infrastructure, including the climate control system, is rendered invisible by integration into the new roof. On the main and lower floors, eight hall segments of between 500 and 700 m2 are linked to form a continuous sequence of spaces. The lighting, a calculated interplay of artificial and daylight, distinguishes the halls from one another on both levels: natural skylight, symmetrical and asymmetrical sidelight, and purely artificial light make up a spectrum ranging from white cube to black box.
A 2000 m2 depot and a visitor‘s lounge complete the building.

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