Urban Nature by Rimini Protokoll

The city is an enormous, future-defining project: With URBAN NATURE, the author and director team Rimini Protokoll explores social and political questions about urban society through seven different realities of life and transforms Kunsthalle Mannheim into a walk-through installation. In the exhibition, a world of different urban spaces comes together and has the effect of a walk-in labyrinth.

The interactive installation URBAN NATURE opens up new perspectives, encourages visitors to break out of their own realities, and facilitates unexpected experiences. Equipped with a digital tablet, visitors encounter seven everyday experts – for example an investment advisor, a young woman looking for work, a prison guard or a graphic designer - at individual stations to expose social and political topics related to different urban experiences. Rimini Protokoll addresses the real problems faced by urban society and in video walks visitors engage actively with the exhibition. The boundaries between exhibition and theater and between reality and fiction blur.


URBAN NATURE von Rimini-Protokoll, CCCB, Exhibition Images, Photo: Martin E. Berenguer
15 de junio hasta el 16 de octubre, 2022
Kunsthalle Mannheim
Friedrichsplatz 4
68165 Mannheim
Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona – CCCB and Rimini Apparat
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