TM Haus

Individual, consistent design

One can see the buildings of SoHo not on the basis of a preconceived, self-citing design. But because of their individual, consistent design. No building is unique. Because every project is the result of a careful responding to the different circumstances and an unbiased, open dialogue. It come together: The performances of the owner. The situation. The budget. Ecological aspects. Many years of experience with complex tasks. Cost consciousness. And finally: The intelligent reaction with high quality craftsmanship. Sun rises are being built with a distinctive character. Noted that someone? Yes. The building owners. And the juries. Accordingly, the buildings are regularly awarded. By Thomas Wex Prize. Allgäuer Holzbaupreis. By HÄUSER Award. The art promotion prize of the city of Augsburg. The "Bauen im Bestand" - prize. And so on. Nota bene: These prizes are not our target, but a confirmation of our work. And for our clients. Where it all began? 2000 in Augsburg. There, Alexander Joerg Naegele and Schießler founded right after graduating, the Office SoHo. Since moving in 2007 to Memmingen, the office of Alexander Nägele out together with its project partners, supported by a team of multi-skilled employees.


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