Meßmer Momentum

More than 50 years of long-lasting architecture | Founded in 1965 in Eckernförde by Günther Haß, who successfully worked in the firm until 1999, it is located in three different places today, with 25 employees. Our emphasis lies with projects requiring specific know how in all areas of planning and execution, from the outset until completion thereof. One of our most decisive skills is the successful transformation of specialist knowledge in finding the best solution. This is not a case of following fashionable trends or tendencies, but simply finding the most evident, logical and obvious solution. Sustainability, timelessness, functionality and beauty are all important in our day-to-day business. Regular communication with building firms and clients alike, leads us to innovative and creative results. A complete package ensues, combining completely different aims such as beauty, costs and deadlines and not forgetting ecology.

General Planning | Increasingly, building firms prefer that one single contact person be in charge of all phases of building and planning. Therefore, we offer expertise in all these areas with an excellent network of competence in the complete planning and execution of a project. This is a matter of course.

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