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Spaces for a fast-paced, dynamic world

Black and white, staged, spiritual, meditative and invigorating, soft and hard spaces. Tranquil spaces. Poetic and stark spaces. Spaces of light and shadow. Spaces out of almost nothing, out of cardboard that can be dismantled, out of marble for eternity. Spaces to call home or to seek the unexpected have never before offered so much stylistic diversity or freedom. People yearn for unique spaces that are full of life and generate fresh ideas. They enjoy being in spaces where it is easy, and fun, to communicate with others. Spaces that put a spring in their step, that inspire them and open their eyes to new perspectives. People want to experience the distinctiveness of a location reflected in the architecture; this leads to enduring impressions that become woven into the fabric memory. Pursuing these ideals results in distinctive spaces that arouse emotions and inspire deep attachments, that alter ways of seeing and stimulate communication. To achieve this in practice we develop unique design concepts and strong, self-contained spaces. We approach architecture and interior design holistically, which gives the resulting spaces their special power to focus, inspire and animate. As well offering an aesthetic and qualitative advantage, our holistic way of working is cost-effective and time-saving, as well as more precise in the realisation. Our work is characterised by simplicity, authenticity, lightness, a site-specific approach, identity and naturalness, as well as functionality and sustainability.

Competences: Interior Design | Renovation | Exhibition + Set Design | Furniture + Consumer Products | Installations + Art | Living + Working Concepts

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