Gymnasium Dresden-Klotzsche

The aspects of integrated design and art, with respect to a spatially concrete situation, are motivation enough. The partnership was founded by Jens Rossa and Sonja Rossa Banthien in the year of 2000. The office is located in Dresden, Germany. The task spectrum of r + b ranges from urban conceptions of horticultural shows and urban modernization measures to the design of wide open spaces, squares and more. We deal with space, preferably in the interplay between urban density and rural expanse. In open dialogue, in interdisciplinary teams, in competitions or as a judge, we are looking for the essential and distinctive of a place as a base for our own design work. From the initial idea, through the urban design and landscape design our office is working to make each attitude taken to the last detail. Since the office was founded Jens Rossa and Sonja Rossa Banthien received more than 50 awards at competitions and awards for high quality architectural realizations.

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