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In 1991, Rainer Schmidt has founded his international offices for landscape architecture and urban development . Since then, he and his team have successfully developed an international reputation in both the fields. The reputation is a reflection on the very strong concepts of Rainer Schmidt, creating worldwide a high-end quality profile by open space design and implementation. The concepts carry new offers for identification arising from landmark-like spaces which are responded to by clients and users and, thus, generate the respective add-on-value in time and place. The company has three locations in Germany: the main office is in Munich, the others are in Berlin and in Bernburg. Rainer Schmidt’s long term professional and academic career and his handling of complex design challenges have gained a wide expertise for the offices: from grand scale city master plan to innovative park and garden designs.

According to his philosophy of ‘working from place’, landscape architecture in the 21st century is supposed to reflect the relationship between humans and nature. Rainer Schmidt conceptualises each project holistically. From idea to concept to implementation …, he considers process and product and communicates this with his employees. The final outcome is about making a project, an area, a place ‘radiate’. In order to achieve this quality, a situation is to be structurally understood and to be structurally transformed during the working process. According to this systematic approach, landscape architecture and design are worked on as concepts and not as decoration. The necessary syntheses of ecology and of “healthy living conditions” - for the human and for nature – are integrated parts of these spatial concept-findings, considered as the basis for intervening into ‘nature by culture’.

The concepts are structures for building space three- dimensionally, texturally and materially. They tell the story of place in an innovative way and apply contemporary ideas for continuing the tradition of culture in place. They generate atmosphere and change the human perception of space and of nature. Each task definition is taken through a process of design consideration which enfolds options and determines a finally optimised decision as result of a strict cooperation with client, user and cost management. The firm’s overall aims are to renew continuously the human scale and to bring nature close to people. This is bound to strong concepts for planting design, to an innovative selection of plants and material and to a vision for the aimed to atmosphere of the space to be created - which will make the user become active in feeling and occupying the space. The specific desire is to conceptualise and build the next large public park, if necessary as a temporary park, preparing for urban development, urban gardening and biodiversity, integrating the ‘third landscape’ and counter- balancing the damages left from industrialisation processes.

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