NEW Netz GmbH

Photo © Annika Feuss
Photo © Annika Feuss
Photo © Annika Feuss
Photo © Annika Feuss
Photo © Annika Feuss
Interior Designers
bkp GmbH
41061 Mönchengladbach

The new workspace of the energy supplier NEW Netz in Mönchengladbach combines corporate design with interactive and multifunctional elements of daily needs. The company is responsible for the supply and networking of the region and the local and the regional electricity, natural gas and drinking water distribution network. In order to also supply the employees accordingly during their daily working routine and to help them to connect with each other, bkp has developed and implemented a new Multi Space that offers interactive project- and atmospheric retreat areas as well as multifunctional workplaces.

In order to gain insight and to set the strategy for the new workspace experience, bkp has conducted various workshops with selected employees and managers to develop the corporate culture and future work processes. The focus is on the user who should experience the quality of different room concepts adapted to the respective function at his new workspace.

In addition to the CI typical magenta colour used for the design, the oversized apostrophe of the logo stands out as a striking element and forms the central core. Next to functional elements such as toilets, cloakrooms, mailboxes and technical pools, the coffee point, a large project room and a flex bench can also be found within this area and form the basis for mobile working. In contrast to the prominent magenta colour, black mobile boxes and wooden meeting rooms provide the additional functions required for everyday work in the future workspace.

The focus lies on interactive and intuitive work for both, the individual employee and as a team: The outside of the striking black telephone boxes are fully describable, interactive teamwork elements can be folded out of the wooden walls and rooms for different work situations are evenly distributed around the area. Various think tanks offer opportunities to retreat and create spontaneously usable communication zones in addition to the telephone boxes. The Coffee Point invites to stay and take a break during a busy work day. Projection screen areas with flexible furniture encourage the employees to do project work and offer generous space for brainstorming and workshops.

A guidance system consisting of linear lights and graphics on the ceiling, the glass elements and walls, as well as pictograms custom made for the NEW, connects the different work and retreat areas across floors and ensures easy orientation. The NEW Netz Corporate Multi Space supports the employees in their daily tasks and promotes identification with their own company, because: Teamwork makes the dream work!

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