MaxAcht, Stuttgart
Photo © Henrik Schipper
MaxAcht, Stuttgart
Photo © Henrik Schipper
MaxAcht, Stuttgart
Photo © Henrik Schipper
MaxAcht, Stuttgart
Photo © Henrik Schipper
LS 990 White
Photo © JUNG


The MaxAcht building association is the first four-storey residential building to be made of glueless and metal-free elements of solid wood in the Olga Areal of Stuttgart. The objective of this residential project was to create a living, cross-generational community. The building association set great store in the exclusive use of natural materials for the new build. MaxAcht was rated as CO2-neutral in a life cycle assessment, as all the crucial materials are organically recyclable. What makes this special is that outwardly, MaxAcht does not immediately present itself as a wooden building. A metallic-varnished façade integrates itself into the surrounding architecture. Only on the inside of the building are the wooden elements recognisable in their original form.

A total of eleven flats and a common area are accessed from an exposed concrete staircase. Wooden-frame floor-to-ceiling windows bring plenty of daylight into the flats. Each of the flats on the ground floor are provided with a balcony. Each of the flats on the fourth floor has a terrace.

This CO2-neutral multiple-family building has been equipped with the classic JUNG LS 990 design.

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