Lindner Congress Hotel, Extension 18th & 19th Floor

The bar counter in “Otto’s Skybar” (19th floor of the Lindner Congress Hotel Düsseldorf) attracts attention with a storm cloud-like light installation designed by GEPLAN DESIGN. The golden ceiling, which gives the bar a glamorous impression, does, too.
Photo © Nicole Zimmermann Fotodesign
For “Otto´s Skybar” on the newly added 19th level of the Lindner Congress Hotel Düsseldorf, GEPLAN DESIGN created an opulently designed combination of bar, lounge and restaurant – at the same place, where company founder Otto Lindner had his office and where the history of the Lindner group of companies began.
Photo © Nicole Zimmermann Fotodesign
Seating recesses or “nests” are one of the creative specialties of GEPLAN DESIGN, with the aim of creating privacy in the vastness of the room. The panoramic view was consistently integrated in the design concept for the 18th and 19th floors of the Lindner Congress Hotel.
Photo © Nicole Zimmermann Fotodesign
In all suites and first-class rooms on the 18th and 19th floors of the Lindner Congress Hotel that were designed by GEPLAN DESIGN, the beds were placed in the center. From there, it is possible to enjoy a free view onto the phantastic panorama.
Photo © Nicole Zimmermann Fotodesign
One of the suites designed by GEPLAN DESIGN on the 18th floor of the Lindner Congress Hotel Düsseldorf. A clever design idea and a special highlight is the integrated table top. It serves as dining table and desk, as well as a washbasin countertop in the open bathroom area.
Photo © Nicole Zimmermann Fotodesign
View into one of the first-class bathrooms in a well-balanced mix of style and elegance. GEPLAN DESIGN decided for high-quality, dark tiles made of the especially durable material Dekton, which harmonize with the subtle white and the gold-colored fittings of the washbasin countertop.
Photo © Nicole Zimmermann Fotodesign
The sectional view shows “Otto’s Skybar” on the 19th floor of the Lindner Congress Hotel.
Visualization © GEPLAN DESIGN
Floorplan of “Otto’s Skybar” including boardroom designed by GEPLAN DESIGN and Team. The diverse seating possibilities provide an extraordinary gastronomy experience and accommodate the various needs of the guests.
Visualization © GEPLAN DESIGN
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The interior on the 18th and 19th floor, designed by GEPLAN DESIGN, expands the Lindner Congress Hotel Düsseldorf in particular with a ‘Skybar’ on the 19th floor. The implementation took place in the well-established collaboration of GEPLAN DESIGN with the Lindner architects and the CTO Frank Lindner. Hotel guests, conference participants and long-term guests who want to enjoy unforgettable rooftop parties and outstanding business events high above the city are targeted. Seating capacities add up to 150 in- and outdoors, plus a boardroom for up to 14 people for extraordinary meetings and events. The suites and first-class rooms on the 18th and 19th floor were also realized by GEPLAN DESIGN in cooperation with the Lindner architects and aligned to the great panorama. “In order make for as much spatial width as possible, we have made areas merge and movement areas overlap, ” says Cord Glantz, passionate interior designer and managing director of GEPLAN DESIGN.

"Otto's Skybar" is the name of the lounge bar on the 19th floor of the Lindner Congress Hotel Düsseldorf. The name is a tribute to the renowned Düsseldorf architect and founder of the Lindner group of companies, Dipl. Ing. Architect Otto Lindner, who at that time had planned the building of the Lindner Congress Hotel. For Otto´s Skybar, GEPLAN DESIGN has created an elaborate combination of bar, lounge, and restaurant – exactly at the place, where Otto Lindner had his office and where the history of the Lindner Group began: On the 19th floor of the previous Rheinsternhaus built by Otto Lindner, which today is the Lindner Congress Hotel at Düsseldorf Seestern. Lindner’s passion was flying and this is what was picked up as the theme in Otto´s Skybar. Longing, a cosmopolitan attitude, curiosity, and arriving are associated and creatively and effectively implemented: The “arrival” through a narrow dark hallway, set in scene by means of lighting, and leading to the bar via a ramp that widens at its end, the bar itself as the centerpiece of the room with a storm cloud-like light installation designed by GEPLAN DESIGN, which – together with the dark blue and warmly shining color code of the bar – integrates the “flying” theme. The suspense generated in this way is like a journey until finally the destination – in this case the bar – is in sight. This thought is also supported by the golden, vaulted ceiling reminding of the wing upstroke of a bird.

Cord Glantz has been associated with the founder’s sons, who are also active in leading positions of the Lindner Group – Frank und Otto Lindner – over several years of an inspiring business relationship. Depending on the project, the GEPLAN DESIGN team of 25 creative employees finds the appropriate, distinctive style, which initially convinces the owner, and then, of course, the guests. On behalf of Lindner Hotels AG, GEPLAN DESIGN also planned, for instance, the spectacular me and all hotel düsseldorf-oberkassel, which opened in the spring of 2022.

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