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Rottenburg a.d.Laaber
Virtual Water
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way of the water
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Your drinking water
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way of the water
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carbon filtration
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well drilling
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One cubic meter water
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Interior Designers
Panoorama Design
Rottenburg a.d.Laaber
Rottenburger Gruppe

Our groundwater is very valuable – and exposed to many dangers: These messages are the focus of a permanent exhibition in the new premises of the Rottenburg Group Water Purpose Association. Panoorama won the public tender and took over the conception, design, graphic design and planning of “Wasser WertSchätzen”. In addition, the design office prepared the tender for the participating trades and managed the further course of the project. In strict compliance with the budget, a multimedia knowledge center with a total of 13 interactive and multimedia stations was created. They include a wide variety of exhibits from water pipes to hydrants. Together with the texts, infographics, photos and videos, which were also designed and produced by Panoorama, they make complex issues tangible and comprehensible even for children. Thanks to the sometimes playful, sometimes exciting staging of water knowledge, the exhibition has successfully fulfilled the client’s main goal since its opening: to win the appreciation of young visitors.

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