Gummerbach Bus Station

Photo © Lukas Roth
Photo © Lukas Roth
Photo © Lukas Roth
Photo © Lukas Roth
Photo © Lukas Roth
Photo © Lukas Roth
Photo © Lukas Roth
Photo © Lukas Roth
Photo © Lukas Roth
Photo © Lukas Roth
pape + pape architekten

The new bus station is moved from its current location to the immediate vicinity of the train station. This will improve the transit facilities between bus and rail in future and increase convenience for rail and bus passengers. Together with the newly developed station square, the central bus station creates an inviting and emblematic introduction to the county town of Gummersbach.

The new bus station roof is aligned parallel to Bahnhofstraße and opens up to the new urban development-area of Gummersbach, the Steinmüllergelände.

The polygonal shaped roof consists of a golden shingle façade at the bottom view supported by 12 dark concrete columns. The roof is about 130 m long with a minimum height of 4.50 m above the bus platform. Wooden benches for the waiting areas and modular passenger information systems create a unified look and offer maximum convenience to passengers.

The lighting-concept for the bus station consists of both, indirect lighting to the roof area as well as powerful direct light that illuminates the bus platform. The LED-uplights installed in the lightlines above the glass wind shelter display the polygonal roof as a warmly glowing, floating metal sculpture. 

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