GE Additive 3D Campus

The impressive 3D Campus in Franconian Lichtenfels. The fully glazed, two-storied auditorium is located at the top of the administration building offering a sweeping view of the monastery Banz, the Basilica Vierzehnheiligen and the Staffelberg.
Earthy colors and honest materials like wood, leather and copper dominate the interior design concept of GEPLAN DESIGN.
Photo © Bernhard Kahrmann
GEPLAN DESIGN keeps taking up the topic of 3D printing – matching the construction task – time and again; in the administration building, 3D structured wallpaper, 3D cast floor tiles, and also a picture with a 3D-structure made of pressed coffee grounds can be found.
Photo © Bernhard Kahrmann
Another source of inspiration for GEPLAN DESIGN was the city history of Lichtenfels, as the town is considered to be the “German basket town”. Taking up the tradition, GEPLAN DESIGN developed large-format, woven light installations for the cafeteria of the Campus.
Photo © Bernhard Kahrmann
Three-dimensional plant installations harmonizing with the woven basket lamps.
Photo © Bernhard Kahrmann
The ceiling elements of the functional lattice boxes integrated in the cafeteria can be lifted up to the ceiling by means of a chain hoist. The walls and platforms of the boxes can be easily disassembled. In this way, an even, large and free space emerges for events with the entire staff.
Photo © Bernhard Kahrmann
For the foyer of the 3D Campus, GEPLAN DESIGN developed a varied exhibition. The far more than 400 patents held by the founder of Concept Laser, Frank Herzog, the “Godfather of Laser Printing” are also exhibited.
Photo © Patrick Wiest / GEPLAN DESIGN
For the auditorium, GEPLAN DESIGN developed a three-dimensional wall covering made of eight kilometers of textile rope.
Photo © Bernhard Kahrmann
Perfectly crafted details fascinate everywhere on the 3D Campus.
Photo © Bernhard Kahrmann
Interior Designers
Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 14, 96215 Lichtenfels

The 3D Campus at the edge of the placid Franconian town Lichtenfels combines everything under one roof: research and development, administration as well as production, service and logistics, and in addition, offers space for round about 700 employees. The new construction built according to a design by Hallwangen-based SCHMELZLE+PARTNER ARCHITEKTEN comprises around 40,000 square meters. With its length of 421 meters and a height of 22 meters, the 3D Campus is bigger than the Federal Chancellery in Berlin. GEPLAN DESIGN was able to prevail in the selection process for the interior design against several international design offices.

The new 3D Campus takes into account the strong growth of GE Additive, a division of the globally active company General Electric (GE). In 2016, GE Additive purchased 75 percent of the company Concept Laser that was founded by the entrepreneur Frank Herzog in the Franconian town Lichtenfels 22 years ago. Herzog is considered to be “The Godfather of Laser Printing” and holds far more than 400 patents. In almost all sector, 3D printing – the additive production – is gaining importance, as it enables the production of lighter, more variable and more stable component with less use of resources. GE Additive works with clients from numerous industries, for instance, the medical and dental technology sectors, the aerospace industry, the tool- and mold-making industries, the automotive industry, and the watch and jewelry sectors.

The impressive opportunities provided by 3D printing also inspired the interior designers of GEPLAN DESIGN in their concept for the interior design of the new administration building of GE Additive. “According to the owner, a visit to GE Additive was supposed to feel like the visit of a child in a toy store,” says interior designer, Rolf Glantz, who manages the office of GEPLAN DESIGN together with his twin brother, Cord Glantz. “When entering the company, one is totally baffled at first, and then wants to explore everything in detail. There are unbelievably many interesting applications for 3D printing.” GEPLAN DESIGN keeps taking up the topic of 3D printing, and thus 3D structured wallpaper, 3D cast floor tiles, and also a picture with a 3D-structure made of pressed coffee grounds can be found.

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