Business premise, Tegernseer Landstrasse

Photo © Yohan Zerdoun
Photo © Yohan Zerdoun
Photo © Yohan Zerdoun
Photo © Yohan Zerdoun
Photo © Yohan Zerdoun
Photo © Yohan Zerdoun
kister scheithauer gross

Having won the 1st prize in the 2010 competition, kister scheithauer gross in collaboration with realgrün Landschaftsarchitekten now completed the commercial building on Tegernseer Landstraße 64. It is located at the intersection between the small-scale, picturesque development of the Feldmüller Estate and the urban context at Tegernseer Platz.

“The core theme of the concept is the contrast between these differently scaled structures”, Prof. Johannes Kister explains the idea behind the design. This is especially clear to see in the corner perspective. The building alignment of Tegernseer Landstraße is continued and increased by one storey at the corner of Ichostraße. The tower-like shape of the corner merges into the style of house façades on Ichostraße. The rhythmised solid façade visually encapsulates the overall composition. The independent composition principle of open and solid elements gives the building a presence, whilst the rhythmic concentration towards the building corner ensures a sculptural termination.

On the 2,000-square metre site on Tegernseer Landstraße, an office and commercial building with 3,630 square metres of retail space in the basement, on the ground and first floor as well as approx. 1,400 square metres of office area on the second to fifth level was constructed. Especially worth mentioning is that no underground car park was planned in order to provide more retail space. Instead, the parking area was moved to the second level.

The building, which is already let to the chain stores dm, Tengelmann and Woolworth, was completed in May 2013. Retail stores have already opened.

Project data
Building Owner: Projektentwicklung Tegernseer Landstraße in München GmbH ; Eine Projektgesellschaft aus Development Partner, Düsseldorf, und Bucher PropertiesGmbH, München
GFA: 6.800 m²
Dates: 2010 - 2013

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