b´mine Frankfurt Airport

Glance into one of the 160 Smart Rooms with its barely 14 square meters. The planning duo Cord und Rolf Glantz (GEPLAN DESIGN) managed to create an impression of spatial expanse and a generous sense of spaciousness. The central element of the room is the alcove: the bed niche placed directly in front of the panorama window, upholstered on all sides and super comfortable.
Photo © Studio-khf.de
GEPLAN DESIGN also designed the Smart Double Rooms in the new b’mine hotel. The custom-made curtain rails, adjusted to the room situation, are central planning elements. The curtains are made of opaque and translucent textiles, and can be easily moved and, for instance, separate the sleeping area from the living area. Thus, the guest can very easily create the right mix of openness and spatial separation.
Photo © Studio-khf.de
One of the Smart Double Rooms in the b'mine Frankfurt Airport designed in soft shades of green. When guests feel the need, for example, to separate the sleeping area, this can be done with only a few simple steps. The curtain rails are placed in a manner that temporary rooms can very quickly be formed with opaque or transparent textiles.
Photo © Udo Meinel
Unique is the concept of the new business hotel b’mine: in 40 of 241 rooms, it is possible to take one’s own vehicle along and, by means of the CarLift, drive it directly into the CarLoggia in front of the CarLoft. A cozy feel-good atmosphere, “light” furniture and zoning opportunities with curtains made of opaque and translucent textiles characterize the ambience designed by GEPLAN DESIGN.
Photo © Studio-khf.de
Breathtaking view of the Frankfurt skyline in the elegant and comfortable bar of the new b’mine Frankfurt Airport designed by GEPLAN DESIGN. The wooden platform introduces a second level and zones the room.
Photo © Studio-khf.de
The show kitchen in the b’mine Frankfurt Airport, designed by GEPLAN DESIGN and Team, was cleverly staged: All technical installations disappear practically invisibly under the light installation made of fine brass rods, which was designed by Cord Glantz and his team. For the ambitious planners, the sculpture represents the “crown” or the show kitchen is the highlight of the restaurant, respectively.
Photo © Studio-khf.de
Spatial expanses, consistent surfaces and a subtle interaction of colors and textiles: this is what the interior designers from GEPLAN DESIGN, Cord and Rolf Glantz, with their team of 25 coworkers stand for. Here, the view into the bar with the phantastic skyline of Frankfurt at night and the characteristic 2nd level, which divides the room and leaves it open nonetheless.
Photo © Studio-khf.de
A generous entrée with a lot of green, design and art: GEPLAN DESIGN knows how to perfectly balance the mix and create a distinctive feel-good atmosphere. At the front end, the collages of the Berlin-based artist Pola Brändle, are hung.
Photo © Studio-khf.de
Already from the autobahn A 3, the building attracts attention: the loggias of the CarLofts and the Smart Double Rooms as well as other areas of the b'mine hotel are magically immersed in different light colors and immediately make people curious about the house. This idea of façade design with light originates from GEPLAN DESIGN and is continued on the inside of the building – the colors blue, red, yellow and green form the guiding principle in the design of the different room types.
Photo © Studio-khf.de
Interior Designers
Georg-Baumgarten-Str. 1, 60549 Frankfurt
b’mine hotels GmbH
Furniture manufacturer
Rolf Benz
Pola Brändle

Located between interstate highways and Frankfurt Airport, the business hotel b’mine Frankfurt Airport provides the opportunity of taking along one’s own vehicle in 40 of 241 rooms – it is possible to drive directly into the CarLoft with the CarLift and to regenerate in the fastest possible time after an exhausting journey or a long workday – without the detour of regular check-in at reception. Conveniently situated, the building is an ideal location, which makes one forget stress and hectic also for a quick stopover. This, at least, was the planning intention of the interior designers Cord und Rolf Glantz, managing directors of GEPLAN DESIGN. Apart from the design of the rooms – there are three different types of rooms altogether – the interior designers also designed the lobby, the event area as well as the restaurant. In collaboration with Berlin-based artist Pola Brändle, a distinctive ambience resulted. The artist known for her works with the focus on collages and décollages has a constant role in the designs of all b’mine hotels – soon also in Düsseldorf. The hotel will be officially opened in April 2022. Cord Glantz dares to make a forecast already: “The new concept and the interior design will be a tremendous success!”

The b'mine Frankfurt Airport lies in the newly redesigned quarter "Gateway Gardens", which was part of the US airbase from 1945 to 2004. In the traffic-surrounded location between interstate highways and the airport, the hotel group b’mine – together with the interior designers Cord and Rolf Glantz (GEPLAN DESIGN) – came up with some new ideas, so that the hotel would become a magnet for visitors and, in addition, quite distinctive. The option of transporting one’s own vehicle onto the loggias placed in front of the CarLofts with their high-quality design and being able to charge it right there, already makes the b’mine unique and distinguishes it from the numerous hotels in its immediate surroundings. General manager of the b’mine hotels, Matthias Beinlich, on this subject: “Hotel guests and citizens of Frankfurt can enjoy first-class gastronomy and bar culture on the spacious rooftop on the 12th floor; highly modern event rooms with a view of the Frankfurt skyline provide a unique backdrop – and this only 20 minutes away from exhibition grounds and city center”. The building draws attention already from seeing it from the autobahn: The loggias of the CarLofts are magically illuminated in various light colors and immediately arouse curiosity for the building. However, the planners faced a special challenge in individually designing the 160 standard rooms, the Smart Rooms, with only 14 square meters each.

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