Göran Pohl

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Professor of Design, Construction and Urban Planning at the University of Applied Sciences of the Saarland, Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, School of Architecture. Research interests in several national and international research projects, including at BOWOOSS and PlanktonTech, with participation of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, the Bauhaus-University Weimar, ITV, Harvard Institute of Technology, USA, Rutgers University, USA. Teaching at various universities abroad, including ENSA Nancy, ENSA Toulouse, Brno University of Technology, Tampere Technical University, University of Melbourne.

Numerous lectures and publications on the main topic complex architectural requirements, design and technological topics: lightweight, efficient building materials and systems, natural and artificial fiber composites, bionics.

Since 2011

Initiator and Director of the Institute for B2E3 Efficient Buildings, In Institute of HTW Saarland, Saarbrücken, together with Prof. Ludger Bergrath.

Since 2009


Founding member BEN Bionic Engineering Network HTW Saarland.

Initiator, and a member of the management committee VDI guideline 6226, bionic architecture, industrial design and engineering, collaboration in policy creation appear, 2012.

Since 2007

Appointed as a member of various committees VDI-committees Bionics:

Advisory Board Member VDI bionics

Member VDI 6220 Framework Directive bionics, collaboration in policy creation

Member VDI roadmap collaboration in policy creation VDI bionics Roadmap 2020

Appointment to the Research Board Bliesgau biosphere reserve by the Institute for Regional Studies of the Saarland.

Bliesgau recognition of a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2009

Since 2006

Lecturer at the University of Anhalt, Summer Workshops International Master in Membrane Structures (2006 only)

BIOKON member, Head of Technical Architecture and Design group.

GTBB member, Society for Technical Biology and Bionics

Member of the research group "generation-friendly products and services" at the HTW Saarland.

Since 2004

Reputation as a full professor at the University of Applied Sciences of the Saarland.

Establishment of LIGHTWEIGHT INSTITUTE in Jena.

Since 1994

POHL architects urban planners. Together with Julia Gabriele Pohl Buildings in Europe with complex needs. Verification activities in Europe and North America. The buildings are in professional books and journals frequently. Obtaining numerous architectural and engineering awards.

Studies at the University of Stuttgart

Julia Pohl

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2009-11 research fellow at the Bauhaus University in Weimar for the research project "BOWOOSS"

since 2008 research associate at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven for the research project "PlanktonTech"

2007 Teaching for a summer workshop at the Technical University of Tampere University students Hanover

2006 Lecturer for the module MM1 - Architecture of the 1st International Master of Membrane Structures at the Hochschule Anhalt in Dessau

since 1996 joint architectural practice POHL architect urban planner with Göran Pohl in Erfurt and Jena

1996 Participation in the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg

1995-96 Study in New York, Employees architects R. Abraham, New York

1995 Diploma of Architecture and Urban Design at the Bauhaus University Weimar

1993 Assistant architecture class Coop Himmelblau Summer Academy in Salzburg

1992 -93 Employees in the architectural firm Hall 1, Arch Sailer & Lang, Salzburg

COMETT grant from the EU

1988-95 Studied architecture at the Bauhaus University Weimar