Variable Rooftop and Moveable Stand

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Marktplatz 2, 91555 Feuchtwangen

Before the planning and realization of the variable rooftop the well-known Kreuzgangspiele in Feuchtwangen took place under open sky every year. The new unique roof has been engineered for the specific functional and locational requirements and saves the spectators from rain and sun or can be folded up on nice weather conditions.

The experience of the medieval setting keeps the same as before but the festival got highly more comfortable for the spectators. Every year the stand and the rooftop are installed especially for the festival in summer, the rest of the year it‘s stored in its single components.

The roof consists of 7 slats made of lightweight glass fibre reinforced plastic attached on a construction of steel and aluminium elements. The shape of the slats is optimized for collecting the rainwater and dewatering happens through the construction pillars.

The unique location gets an innovative structural addition over the time of the festivals, fitting perfectly to the surrounding historical space.

With the aid of a sophisticated mechanical system and control the slats can be opened with an elegant movement continuously, partially or fully depending on demand.

The unique place receives an peerless structural supplement for the use during the Festival season - a structure for which there is no precedent and that is contemporary and innovative in every way.

Numerous results and competencies from different fields of materials science and research projects next to innovative design has been incorporated into this project.

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