International peripheral train station Cessange

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Pénétrante Sud, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
100M - 1Bn

Main component of the design for the train station in Cessange is the settlement of the ideas for the built green space, a maximum of flexibility in execution and as a result the economic efficiency by integrating the immaterial element light in correlation with the demand for realizing sustainable, energy-efficient architecture.

The leading principles »light«, »green« and »flexibilty« has been followed and designed consistently over the whole design process. The theme of a »green« train station is a special conceptual feature.

The main passage from the masterplan is picked up with its whole width and leads into the station as a green axis, crossed by the 'allée des jardins' in front of the main entrance, so the functional connection of all sections is given. The open built structure of the main passage is roofed over but not a closed room. Sections that have to be closed because of climatic reasons are integrated as cells in the northern part of the building. Included into these cells there are service functions, information points, waiting halls, a market hall and technical facilities of the train station. Every cell can be locked particular and so the entrances to the platforms for safety reasons too. The connection of the main passage as opened entry hall of the station and central point for public means of transport with the possibility of using it as link between the northern and the southern city districts represents an ideal solution.

In case of plans for extension of the flex spaces underneath the rails there‘s the option of extending the roof over the southern park to create more room for local business.

Horizontal hanging gardens in the light-openings connect the floor of the rails with the lower floor. Intensive greened roofgardens on the buildings around station fit in the green concept and allow the use of rainwater.
The station roof made of transparent, translucent and opaque glass-elements guarantees a huge supply of daylight that will be routed through light canals to the darker areas.

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