3 Field Sports Hall

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Ludwig-Jahn-Straße 1a, 99885 Ohrdruf, Thuringia

Adjacent to a nature preserve and a compartmentalized housing area this 3-field-sports-hall with mobile event-stage has been built for a capacity of 1,000 spectators.

With its bowformed roof the hall continues the surrounding landscape of the Thuringian Forest with its hills. The dimensions of the hall are ca. 35 x 55 m with a roof construction consisting of monaxial curved glued-wood-frames, that are positioned in a rhombus formed grid. Nine of the rhombus-planes are completely transparent rooflights for daylight-supply. With the constructive setup of the supporting structure made of wood the acoustic inside the hall is influenced in a positive way. The aesthetic of the structure is underlined by the functional plan and the quality of spaces. Additional uses like weight room, fitness room and community hall for 150 visitors can be entered seperately, also like the bowling alleys and the shooting range.
3 metres above the zero-level the hall is completely glazed up to the roof so the surrounding landscape can be watched and reverse visitors are able to look inside standing in front of it.

For the energetic concept it was very important to find the optimal balance between thermal insulation, glazing, solar protection and thermal mass to enable a highly comfortable indoor climate in a mostly self-regulated, passive and energetic optimized building next to moderate minimizing of the operating costs.

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