Photo © Ken Schluchtmann
Photo © Ken Schluchtmann
Photo © Ken Schluchtmann
Photo © Ken Schluchtmann
Photo © Ken Schluchtmann
Photo © Ken Schluchtmann
© Ken Schluchtmann
Photo © Ken Schluchtmann
Photo © Ken Schluchtmann

BMW office

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Hufelandstraße 9-11, 80939 Munich

plajer & franz studio designed a new office building for bmw in munich. in reality, the “office building” is actually something else. this clear and crisp building with its large outside area in the middle of the bavarian capital is a multifunctional machine fulfilling one of the most complex work processes within the BMW company. the task for plajer & franz was to develop an office building for the designers at BMW - a creative atmosphere was supposed to meet working spirit and engineering abilities within one space. after just one year building time they managed to plan an inviting roof for the creative process of developing the look of a car and a space to build the first prototypes out of clay and plastic. to list more of the high-tech process on designing a car would fill pages on its own and have to be kept secret to the public. still the building speaks for itself. an introverted facade to the street front does not show what is going on inside. nevertheless on the back the creativity has enough air to breathe due to a big and frameless glass facade. the outside courtyard is spacious and due to the secrets of car design surrounded by high walls. in the courtyard a relaxed atmosphere gives enough space for creativity to develop new ideas. soft and round garden design gives a good contrast to the rigid but open glass facade. once you go from the outside backyard into the model production hall you are amazed by the height of the working space. again a sign of freedom and creativity. from here all new cars get their shape under the overseeing eyes of the designers sitting at the upper level and able to control the modellers through big glazed windows. however, it is not only about controlling but about a steady communication process. generally, the space is not over designed and rather timeless. which is good. the car design changes but the building lives a little longer. therefore it is more about atmosphere and not about certain building materials. plajer & franz tried to select useful materials like the dark parquet flooring out of acacia wood or concrete surfaces that meet the designers needs for roughness and a less corporate scheme for their smooth car design it is always the rough with the smooth and the hot with the cold and never the lukewarm that plajer & franz studio try to create with their architecture. the bmw office building with its 15.000 m2 shows this in perfection.

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