Passage Alter Hof

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The new passage into the Burghof presents itself as an unpretentious approach to the former imperial residence of Munich—the “Alter Hof.” The lighting designers also worked on the entrances and stairwells. In the passage, a specially constructed handrail functions as a central indirect lighting element. Stairs and landings are evenly lit and reflect light into the space. The stairs are reflected on the walls and the ceiling, with the interplay of light and reflection changing according to the position of the beholder.

The lighting integrated beneath the handrail was equipped with asymmetrically radiating reflectors and special glare protector grids. Discretely glimmering lighting elements made of flush-mounted side-glow fiber optics in walls and ceilings round out the lighting concept and contribute to the elegant atmosphere. No glare of any kind disturbs the beholder or detracts from the high-quality atmosphere.

Light from the surrounding Munich neighborhood strikes the metal cladding and by night produces the intentional effect of a gently glowing, elegant enclosed space. Unfortunately, without consulting with the architects or lighting designers, the project was very badly distorted; for incomprehensible reasons, downlights were later inserted into the ceiling.

Bayerische Hausbau GmbH, Munich

Auer + Weber + Assoziierte, Munich

Lighting design
pfarré lighting design
Gerd Pfarré, Katja Möbs, Felicia Schulz

Andreas J. Focke, Munich
Stefan Müller-Naumann, Munich

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