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PETERSENARCHITEKTEN is national and international established office for architecture strategies, brand architecture and energetic design with offices in Berlin and Dortmund. We realize all projects in the initialization, conception, design phases to execution planning and Controlling - mostly as a general planner. We offer supportive project management over the entire processing time just like strategic, creative and technical consulting. The direct exchange and a close coordination between the client, the partners involved and technical consultants is our highest concern. We work in small interdisciplinary groups with committed employees. On behalf of the build-up and cultivation of a long-standing client relationship we offer a core team with a constant contact person - responsible for consulting, creative and technical planning, costs and project management + further supporting team members. Dependent on the challenge and schedule we have access to a network of freelancer colleagues and specialists, we have been working with for several years.

Competences: Architecture | Corporate Architecture | Renovation | Urban Planning | Urban Developments | City Branding

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2003 (1989)