Guidance System
Photo © Panoorama
Guidance System
Photo © Panoorama
Guidance System
Photo © Panoorama
Guidance System
Photo © Panoorama
Digital Guidance System
Photo © Panoorama

Leitsystem - Münchner Liebfrauendom

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Metropolitan-und Pfarrkirchenstiftung zu unserer lieben Frau

The Cathedral of Our Dear Lady in Munich is one of the most famous landmarks of the Bavarian capital and has been dedicated to the Mother of God and patron saint Mary since its beginnings.

Since September 2020, a trilingual guidance and information system has been helping to find and experience the Virgin Mary within the cathedral. Panoorama conceived, developed and supervised the production of initially five information steles, which fit harmoniously into the “Frauenkirche” – unobtrusively but clearly visible. The pigmented concrete bases pick up on the natural irregularity of the marble tiles. The thermally deformed solid surface material placed on top serves as an information carrier in terms of content and its form quotes the octagonal columns of the cathedral. In the use of these two materials, the stelae combine craftsmanship and technology, the pedestal cast by hand with the top machined from digital data. Both the casting mould and the CNC data allow for the uncomplicated production of further stelae at any time, should the guidance system be expanded.

The system has already undergone a digital expansion: Using the same design language as the analog information carriers, Panoorama has designed and developed a digital stele that can be used to display a wide range of information about the Frauenkirche and the activities of the congregation.

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