Schönheit im alten Ägypten

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Rheinisches Landesmuseum, Trier

Description On a total of 500 square presents the traveling exhibition "Beauty in Ancient Egypt," a variety of exciting exhibits from the collections of Roman and Pelizaeusmuseums Hildesheim and the collections of the Egyptian Museum in Berlin.

In ancient Egypt Beauty and the attempt to preserve it was an important issue. The idea of beauty was closely associated with perfection in every way, referring to people as a god. Gods, kings and mere mortals, they were all anointed, dressed and made up. The outer beauty reflected inner perfection and happiness again, both in religious worship and in secular life. We are the ancient Egyptian notions of beauty through art passed down through the resulting sculptures, paintings, reliefs and texts.

The exhibits are arranged in a unique way for presentation at the State Museum Trier and in a new, presented to the Trier developed exhibition architecture.

Gross area
750 sqm

General Planning Architectural Services LPH 1-9, Presentation of exhibits, graphic design

Rheinisches Landesmuseum, Trier

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