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Architecture plays an important role in our daily life, it surrounds us and constantly influences us. MATTER recognizes the responsibility architecture and urbanism have and wants to positively participate in creating our built environment.

Architecture means two things to us, on one hand it is the beauty of its physical creation and reality, on the other hand the importance of an idea, a vision and the design process.

We create places in a globalized world, and care about materiality that stimulates us. We search for new solutions to complex tasks, and point towards alternatives. We appreciate bespoke design and are committed to search for answers to the brief that are surprising as well as functional.

The uniqueness of a site as well as the characteristics of the brief play an important role herein. MATTER aims at merging these aspects into a relevant symbiosis.

Competences: Architecture | Interior Design | Urban Planning | Masterplan | Exhibition + Set Design | Corporate Architecture | Renovation

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