Lake House

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The property occupies a prime hillside above a lake with sweeping panoramic views and direct access to the water.

The heterogeneous structure of the growing holiday home environment has its origins in the 60s. In keeping with the architectural language of this time the design for the house was built on the lake. The existing building was up to two mutually perpendicular, demolished three-meter-high walls. The partial collapse of the partially eroded rock ensures a 4-metre-high gabion wall, filled with the broken stones of the slope. This massive wall opens onto the lake and serves as the back of the existing and extended plateaus.

The inventory walls dictate the cubature of the new building, which should be separated at the request of clients into two functional braces. Residence shall be the one over the entire length of the house and reaching the all-glass facade Corner wrap in the terraced outdoor flowing, semi-public space with the merging functions of living, eating and cooking to the lake. The private sleeping area, dressing room and bath retreats to the back, intimate part of the building. Transgression during the descent to the house, over a 100 metre walk down the slope, the eye is constantly on the extensively landscaped, projecting beyond the facade roof. Bracketed by the existing walls, it protects the seat both outdoors on rainy days and in summer the sun is at high.

Since the given space is small sized, all doors are designed as sliding doors. Inside a solid wood doors, in an open position in wall pockets disappearing, and as an all-glass sliding doors in the facade. The language material follows the consistent reduction in the form of the house. The floor is polished and are made of a waxed, seamless, monolithic view of floor, walls and ceilings smooth plastered and painted white. The textures of the device - coarse fabrics of curtain wall and the seating, rough wood and matt stone surfaces - add to the sensuality of the simple design.

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